The latest game from the acclaimed IP, Hello Neighbor Diaries, is now accessible on Android

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Uncover the truth behind the ruthless neighborhood killings. Hello Neighbor: Diaries is an indie game developed by tinyBuild. The game revolves around two neighbors as the name suggests, where one will walk into the house of his neighbor, in search of finding answers about the rumors around his neighbor. There have been rumors about the neighbor being a ruthless killer, based on the recent disappearance of a young boy in the neighborhood. To uncover the truth behind his mysterious character, the neighbor will go into the dark house in search of clues, finding keys to open locks and many other things, while being in stealth mode.

Identify the town’s most terrifying secret and learn what happened to your neighbour Mr. Peterson’s missing son. Sagar Rangaraju’s picture Rangaraju Sagar June 23, 2022 Current Time: June 23, 2022 one minute read Android cover for Hello Neighbor Diaries picture from tinyBuild Indie games have consistently been able to hold players’ interest for a considerable amount of time. Some members of the community now frequently play these brief yet fascinating games. Hello Neighbor: Diaries, an Android game that is now officially available in some territories thanks to American independent game developer tinyBuild, has been formally released.


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  • If he gets caught by the neighbor, he will trigger a rise in the alert bar. Once the alert bar completely fills up, the player will be chased by the neighbor. When the player has been caught, they will have to start all over again. Users in selected regions can start playing Hello Neighbor Diaries now. Throughout the game, players will get daily rewards for logging in. They will also be able to store all the clues and evidence they find in a room for further investigation. Although the game sounds very simple, it is an extremely well-designed thriller that is sure to give users a rush of adrenaline. The game features great graphics and has immersive sound effects to back up the gameplay style. As of now, the game is only available in selected regions including Singapore, the Philippines, Canada, etc on Android devices.


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