The latest beta version of Android 13 is packed with new and improved features

The latest beta version of Android 13 is packed with new and improved features

This takes the form of a little icon at the bottom of the quick settings screen which shows how many apps are currently running in the foreground. Tap this icon and you’ll get full details of the apps in question, including their name and how long they’ve been running for. There will also be a button to instantly stop any apps that you don’t want to be running. Upgrade Your Laptop To Acer Swift Series Thin And Light With Powerful Performance.

While Android 13 isn’t currently in a stage where we can suggest it to most people, it is now in its second developer preview phase, and this version brings a number of newly discovered features and enhancements. First, there’s a new tool called Foreground Services Task Manager, which is so important that Google dedicated an entire page to it.


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  • The service will also alert you if any app has been running for over 20 hours, so it’s basically another way of seeing if apps are using up battery and RAM when you don’t want them to, and if you stop them with this task manager then it will be almost like force closing them, meaning that a lot more of their processes are stopped than if you just swipe them closed from the recent apps screen.