The Last of Us: Part I on PS5 has gone gold

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The footage highlights a number of key scenes from the original PS3 title, including the early game, Ellie’s meeting with David, and that sequence where you hang upside down and shoot the infected. We also catch a glimpse of the Bloater in all its 4K glory at the school. The Last of Us: Part I is out for PS5 on 2nd September 2022, and it’s one of Your Most Anticipated PS5, PS4 Games for the Rest of 2022. Recently, a developer who contributed to the project has shot down claims the title is simply a “cash grab”.

The Last of Us: Part I, a PS5 remake, has officially gone gold, according to Naughty Dog. This means that the game’s 1.0 production is finished. A new teaser with fresh clips has been released, which you can see below. The developer will likely now concentrate on creating a day one fix.


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