The jailed pharmaceutical executive NGO hid a phone inside the Senate

The jailed pharmaceutical executive NGO hid a phone inside the Senate

Ong apologized to Gordon, saying he “didn’t mean to challenge the authority of the Senate, it was really out of survival instinct” because he was longing for his family and he wanted to communicate with them. Gordon said Ong was given the privilege of communicating with his family through the OSAA’s phone. Lacson questions Dargani lawyer’s affiliation with office of a House member. Pharmally exec Mohit Dargani: We’re not escaping Senate probe. Gordon: Yang’s petition in SC a desperate attempt to distract Senate probe. The Pharmally executive explained that the instruction given OSAA was he could only call his family for “emergency” reasons.

Senate Blue Ribbon Chairman Richard Gordon revealed Friday that detained Pharmally Pharmaceutical Corporation Director Linconn Ong “smuggled” a cellphone into the Senate. “For the record, Mr. Linconn Ong snuck a phone into his room,” Gordon said as the Senate investigation into the COVID-19 supplies acquisition continued. “You know we get reports, and you know they’re permitted to use the [Office of the Sergeant-at-Arms] phone.” But, on the other hand, it only goes to show how evasive, imaginative, and innovative these individuals can be,” the senator continued.


  • Senators have been investigating the purchase of COVID-19 supplies made by the Department of Budget and Management-Procurement Service last year, during which Pharmally Pharmaceutical Corporation bagged more than P8 billion in government contracts for the said procurement of personal protective equipment (PPEs), which were alleged to be overpriced. — DVM, GMA News

  • At this point, Gordon ordered that Ong could talk with his family within reasonable hours. “Let me make the order in front of the whole world that when it comes to communicating with your family: within reasonable hours that will be properly stated to you, you may communicate with your family,” Gordon said. Ong was taken into custody by the OSAA last September 21 and has since been detained at the Senate building in Pasay City after evading the questions posed by the senators during the Senate inquiry on the alleged overpriced pandemic supplies.