The iPhone it’s great, but Android continues to pique my interest

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I remember a time when it was quite the opposite: the original iPhone and follow-up iPhone 3G were unrivalled. I found both phones in a box recently when organising my office better and these phones still bring a smile to my face (they also look and feel tiny by today’s standards).

I won’t be in line for an iPhone 14 until further information becomes available. Android just has more alternatives. So far, June has been a month of Apple fever, with WWDC 2022 bringing new Apple software and gear to the fore. Despite the fact that the iPhone 14 has yet to be announced or made available, the preview of iOS 16’s features made me think: the iPhone is nice, but Android still excites me more.


  • That’s especially true of the cameras in my view: Apple has long relied on ‘safe’ camera choices, not pushing resolution particularly high or zoom particularly far. Android, on the other hand, has been offering periscope zoom lenses and 108-megapixel camera offerings for yonks.

  • So what is it about the iPhone that can’t seem to lure my attention away from Android? If I said the word ‘boring’ then I might be sticking my neck out, but that, right now, feels more true than ever. There’s just no real innovation when some Android phone-makers have been really aiming for the stars.


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