The iPhone 14 should cost less than previously reported

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Apple is readying the iPhone 14 series for launch shortly. While a launch date remains unconfirmed, the company typically launches its phones in September or October. Some recent reports claimed Apple would debut the iPhone 14 with a higher price tag than last year’s iPhone 13. Supposedly, the entire lineup would debut with a US$100 price hike over their predecessors, except for the all-new iPhone 14 Max. According to those reports, the iPhone 14 would cost US$899. Word on the grapevine indicates aforementioned leaks may have been inaccurate, however.

The iPhone 14 is expected to cost less than previously reported. The cheapest model in the range, the iPhone 13 Mini, is replaced by the iPhone 14. (Referring to Notebookcheck) The cheapest model in the range, the iPhone 13 Mini, is replaced by the iPhone 14. (Refer to Notebookcheck.) According to recent reports, the iPhone 14 would cost US$899 out of the gate, $100 higher than the iPhone 13. However, a recent report claims that the price of the iPhone 14 will remain the same as that of its predecessor. This is because Apple allegedly wants to keep entry-level costs as low as possible.


  • It’s important to point out that the source explicitly states that this pricing is only valid for the vanilla iPhone 14. The rest of the lineup will likely debut with the rumored price tags; ergo US$1,099 for the iPhone 14 Pro and US$1,199 for the iPhone 14 Pro Max.

  • Reputedly, Apple has decided to maintain the price tag of the iPhone 14, seemingly in a bid to offset global market stagnation with a more enticing entry price tag. That makes sense, seeing as the entry-level iPhone 13 series model was the US$729 iPhone 13 Mini. By all indications, there won’t be an iPhone 14 Mini, however, and hiking the price of the iPhone 14 to US$899 would raise the entry point of the series by a significant amount. Instead, the iPhone 14 will cost US$799, just like the iPhone 13.

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