The inmates use technology and this “iPad” created for them is “obviously” with an outdated Android version

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You don’t have to be bored ever again, since your cheap or expensive tablet can literally show you the world at any time – nature shows, YouTube videos of people visiting exotic locations and immersing themselves into the local lifestyle and culture, or professors giving fascinating lectures. Just open an app and press play. But, not everyone has that freedom and access to the world’s information… And obviously we’re talking about prisoners. What sort of consumer tech do they get to use?

Whether you like it or not, the iPad is a technological marvel. A thin piece of glass and metal with powerful internal components that can be a child’s best buddy, a student’s greatest friend, and a professional’s second-best friend—well, after their laptop. In actuality, all tablets are technological wonders, even the arbitrary, no-name models you can purchase on shady websites like Wish or Amazon for less than a hunge. Even though it’s Android 6 from 2015, they still technically run Android. They can still watch your favourite videos and movies and explore the web.


  • Let’s look at the devices they make, for people in jail to use, and… Be glad we have access to “real” tablets, media players and phones, because the prison-issue ones are, as you might expect, very underwhelming. This "iPad" made for prison is "clearly" running an old Android version; Tech prisoners use. I hear you out there – you don’t like the fact that phones don’t have headphone jacks now, so you were forced to buy premium wireless headphones. Well, look at the earbuds sticking out of those tablets and count your blessings.

  • What’s allowed on the inside? Definitely not the latest iPad Pro or a Galaxy S22 Ultra; not even an outdated, discontinued iPod for playing some tunes while doing their time. Why? Well, for many reasons, a big one being – those devices are not transparent. A sneaky prisoner could disassemble them and store contraband inside. But, as always – if there’s demand, someone will take advantage of it, and that’s where companies you’ve never heard of, who make clear tech for prisoners, come in.

If you’ve ever bought a Chinese no-brand MP3 player in the early 2000s, you know what those sound like – just garbled, ear-piercing highs, no mids, no bass. But hey, why would those two clear tablets even come with earbuds? Great question – because these tablets do not have speakers. Prisons don’t want inmates blasting music and disturbing others, so most tech made specifically for use on the inside requires the use of earbuds or headphones. Or if a device actually has a speaker, it’s a very, very underpowered (quiet) one. Makes sense.


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