The Horizon Zero Dawn remake transports Aloy to the PS1 era

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Befitting of the time, Aloy succumbs to her wounds in a melodramatic death screen with an all-black background and the words “you died” front and center. It isn’t long, but it does do a good job rewinding the clock a few generations on one of the best PS4 games. The video’s creator, who goes by ZeoNyph on YouTube and Reddit, says it was modeled, rendered, and textured in Blender and inspired by classic PS1 games like Tomb Raider and Resident Evil. It’s unclear if we’ll see any more of their Horizon Zero Dawn PS1 demake, but seeing as the video is already getting a good amount of attention, it’s possible.

This Horizon Zero Dawn PS1 remake imagines Aloy’s experience as it could have appeared if it had been released in 1996. The 60-second video demake has the legendary PS1 starting screen, Horizon Zero Dawn’s title sequence, loading screen, and some gameplay. Aloy begins her retro voyage around a campfire before travelling to the foot of a cliff, reaching to the top, and getting dropped by a thunderjaw.


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  • While you’re on this retro train with us, another demake has been making the rounds today that shows Portal running on an actual N64. And last month, some foul Tarnished made Elden Ring into a Game Boy game. Oh, and let’s not forget about the Bloodborne PS1 demake that you can actually play – on PC, that is. What a time to be alive.


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