The “high-speed” RRTS trains will be equipped with ergonomic seats, WiFi, laptops and mobile charging stations


The first train set of this “high-speed rail” was handed over to the National Capital Region Transport Corporation (NCRTC) by Alstom India at its manufacturing plant in Savli in Gujarat’s Vadodara district on Saturday. Between Delhi and Meerut, the NCRTC is establishing India’s first Regional Rapid Transit System (RRTS), which is a “rail-based, high-speed, high-frequency regional commuter transit system”. According to NCRTC officials, modern RRTS trains will also have features like Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning System (HVAC), dedicated wheelchair and stretcher space located near the train doorway for easy access.

The NCRTC is developing India’s first Regional Rapid Transit System (RRTS) between Delhi and Meerut, which is a ‘rail-based, high-speed, high-frequency regional commuter transit system.’ ‘High-speed’ RRTS trains will include ergonomic seats, WiFi, laptop and mobile charging ports. Some of the key features of the modern RRTS train that will run on the Delhi-Ghaziabad-Meerut corridor include ergonomically designed 2×2 transverse cushioned seating, onboard WiFi, laptop and mobile charging facility at every seat, CCTV cameras, dynamic route maps, and an auto-control ambient lighting system.


  • RRTS trains will also have a standard as well as premium class (one coach per train), along with one coach reserved for women commuters. These trains will be run in segments of four and six coaches depending on the requirement on that route. “The premium or business class coach will be more spacious and comfortable. It will have reclining seats. These premium coaches of RRTS trains will be accessible through a special lounge at the platform level. Ticket prices of the premium class will be higher than that of the standard class. Fare of both the class is yet to be decided,” the NCRTC official quoted above said.

  • “The modern RRTS trains have ergonomically designed 2×2 transverse cushioned seating, wide standing space, luggage racks, CCTV cameras, laptop/mobile charging facility, dynamic route maps, auto control ambient lighting system. These trains also have optimised aisle width with grab handles and rails for a comfortable journey for standing passengers,” a NCRTC official told PTI during a tour of the RRTS train at the manufacturing plant.

These trains are designed for modern visual and audio announcements, which orient passengers with information about the next stop, final destination, speed of the train among others. These trains will have automatic plug-in type wide doors reducing air friction and noise, the officials said, adding push buttons for the selective opening of doors on a need basis will also be available. This will eliminate the requirement of opening all doors at every station, which will save energy. According to NCRTC officials, Innovative Train Control Monitoring System (TCMS) technology, as well as its predictive and condition-based monitoring features, will enhance the fleet’s performance by providing extensive train-to-ground diagnostics.

Officials said these will be the fastest trains in India as it has a design speed of 180 kmph and operational speed of 160 kmph. These RRTS trains will have an average speed of 100 kmph, they said. Given the high-speed train operations, all RRTS stations will have Platform Screen Doors (PSDs) for the safety of the passengers. The train doors will be integrated with PSDs, the officials said. These RRTS trains will also be equipped with fire and smoke detectors, fire extinguisher and door indicators.