The Hawk-i test fires an intelligent anti-airport weapon

Hindustan AeronauticsLimited successfully launched a Intelligent Anti-Aircraft Weapon (SAAW) on Thursday from the Hawk-i plane off the coast of Odisha.

The aircraft piloted by test pilots HAL Wing Commander (Retd) P Awasthi and Wg Cdr (Retd) M Patel performed the weapon release as per manual and all mission objectives were achieved.

The indigenous stand-off weapon, developed by the Research Center Imarat (RCI) of the defense research and development organization, is the first smart weapon fired from a Hawk-Mk132 Indian, the HAL said in a statement.

The telemetry and tracking systems captured all mission events confirming the success of the tests.

“The Hawk-i platform, owned by the company, is used extensively for the certification of systems and weapons developed in-house by the DRDO and CSIR laboratories,” said R Madhavan, CMD, HAL.

Arup Chatterjee, Director, Engineering and Researchand Development, HAL said HAL is indigenously improving Hawk-i’s training and combat capabilities.

The HAL said it was in talks with the Indian military to integrate various weapons on the Hawk platform.


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  • The Hawk-i test fires an intelligent anti-airport weapon