The Google Assistant will lose a useful feature that allows you to create reminders based on your current location

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According to multiple posts found on Reddit (via 9to5Google), the Google Reminders feature is about to go away. Google Reminders is used when you ask Google Assistant to remind you to take certain action on a certain date, time, and location. For example, you could ask Assistant to remind you to buy a 24 case of Cola next time you’re in Walmart. However, a screenshot shows that when Google Reminders is opened in the Google app (go to profile picture > reminders), a box appears with the words “Soon you’ll no longer be able to set reminders at locations. Learn more about alternatives.”

When we talk about Google Assistant, we always say it’s the finest of the digital assistants. Perhaps we don’t need to use the word “arguably” because the Assistant consistently surpasses Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri in the great majority of testing. However, it appears like Google Assistant is about to undergo a shift that may remove one frequently used function.


  • On left, a box shows an ominous note for Google Reminders’ future from Google Assistant. You can’t read it in Dark mode – Google Assistant to lose helpful feature that set reminders based on your location. On left, a box shows an ominous note for Google Reminders’ future from Google Assistant. You can’t read it in Dark mode. If you need location-based reminders, note-taking app Google Keep continues to offer this feature. You can find the Android version here, and tap this link for the iOS app.
    We would be remiss if we didn’t point out that the box noting the impending departure of Google Reminders on Assistant has not showed up on this writer’s Pixel 6 Pro running Android 12. On the other hand, Google’s intentions are mentioned on the Support Page and the warning has surfaced on handsets belonging to Reddit users so we have no reason not to believe that this is going to happen.

  • The box links to a Google Support Page which seems to suggest using Assistant Routines once Google Reminders is removed. The support page says, “Important: The option to create reminders for a certain location is going away soon. You can still create reminders at a certain time and set routines for a location.” The same post notes that assigning reminders to people will also disappear soon and notes that “you can still assign reminders in Google Chat or Gmail.”


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