The Google Assistant is getting rid of location-based reminders and other features

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As per the report, Google has announced the news on the Assistant Help page, saying, “The option to create reminders for a certain location is going away soon.” However, uses can still create reminders and set routines for a location at a certain time. Google still hasn’t clarified why it’s removing these features for its users. The company introduced location-based reminders in 2018, and it was a handy feature for reminding specific actions when you were in a certain place. The location-based reminders were a boon for those who often forget their shopping list.

According to Androidcentral, Google Assistant has begun to eliminate some of its less-used capabilities. Google Assistant is now one of the greatest voice assistants on the market, with a plethora of capabilities. Some of these capabilities are useful in everyday situations, whereas others are rarely utilised and stay hidden. Google has now opted to remove several less-used features, such as location-based reminders and the ability to assign reminders to a specific individual.


  • It’s still unclear when these features will stop working, but maybe they can stay until Google rolls out its new Assistant feature called “Memory.” Memory allows you to save your contents and reminders in a convenient location.

  • While the feature might seem a key part of Google Assistant, a Reddit thread shows that the feature sometimes didn’t work properly. Also, many users didn’t know such a feature even existed. Despite ditching the location-based reminders, users can still ask the Assistant app to set reminders for a certain time. Also, Google Assistant still allows for setting routines when you arrive at a specific place. The location-based reminders aren’t the only feature that is leaving Google Assistant. Google is also ditching the ability to assign reminders to others, like family members or another one who logged into the same Assistant-enabled device as you. Google lets you assign tasks in Google Chat or Gmail as an alternative option.


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