The goal of this game is to create PCs while loan sharks are gasping for air.

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To get the business up and running, you’ve gotten into bed with loan sharks who will take a cut of your daily profits. You’ll have to make enough money building PCs to keep the lights on and pay off your loans. You build each PC from scratch with components from your inventory, doing your best to match your client’s specifications.

Spe:X is a charming game that combines two passions: PC construction and debt repayment. It’s difficult to run a tiny firm. Spe:X puts you in the shoes of Ilie, the creator of a tiny up-and-coming boutique PC construction shop in Eastern Europe. You spend your days accepting orders and making the perfect PCs for your customers, all while dealing with dubious financial demands that threaten to bring everything crashing down.


  • Spe:X isn’t as complex as other PC building simulators(opens in new tab) we’ve seen on Steam. It appears to take a more tongue-in-cheek approach to PC building in both its art and narrative. For a more freeform experience, there’s an endless mode with unlimited days. You’ll still have to make daily loan payments, though, fulfilling more and more challenging requests to see how many days your little shop can make it before it all goes wrong.

  • Throughout the short eight-day campaign, you’ll work day and night building PCs in the face of potential ruin. Ilie will receive visitors to the shop and how you interact with them will affect the ending. Customers send feedback on each build: “This computer is a catastrophe!” is the best bad review I could ask for.

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