The Galaxy S22 depreciates faster than the Pixel 6

The Galaxy S22 depreciates faster than the Pixel 6

As per SellCell’s data, the iPhone 13 mini’s value depreciated by 18.7% after a month but somehow witnessed a 2.3% improvement a month later. The same happened with the Pixel 6 too, which lost 43.1% of its value in the first month but rebounded to 41.5% the next month. The Galaxy S22, on the other hand, was consistent in terms of value depreciation, staying firm at 46.8% after the first and second months. As Phone Arena points out, this also suggests that the Galaxy S22’s depreciation is plateauing, so it’s probably not all bad news for the South Korean manufacturer. The devices used in this survey are supposedly in “Like New” condition, indicating that they’re barely used and have no visible damage.

Given the yearly renewal cycle of top smartphones, depreciation is an important consideration. A new poll by phone selling marketplace SellCell compares the Samsung Galaxy S22 against the Google Pixel 6 and the Apple iPhone 13 to see which handset loses the most value after a few months of usage. SellCell evaluated the three phones’ declining values over two months and discovered that the Galaxy S22’s worth has dropped by 46.8 percent over its initial price tag. The Pixel 6 was the second-worst performer, with a 41.5 percent drop in value two months after debut. Meanwhile, the iPhone 13 dropped just 16.4 percent of its value within the same time period.


  • Google’s worst came from the Pixel 6 Pro (256GB), losing 45.7% of its value. For Apple, it was the 128GB iPhone 13 mini (29.2%). The 128GB iPhone 13 Pro Max takes the crown for losing the least value, at just 3.8% after two months. These results align with historical trends wherein an iPhone rakes in more value than a competing Android device. But the emergence of the Pixel 6 is indeed a silver lining for Google.

  • The good news for Android fans is that the Pixel 6 has surpassed expectations, despite some early setbacks during its initial release. So it’s no secret that this is currently Google’s most successful smartphone. The worst of the lot was the Galaxy S22 Plus, as per SellCell. The flagship lost 53.8% of its value in just two months.