The free WhatsApp backup to Google Drive is about to expire

The free WhatsApp backup to Google Drive is about to expire

Soon, instant messaging platform WhatsApp will allow users to decide what is backed up to Google. Current methods allow WhatsApp backups on Google Drive for Android users. Google has a major role to play in this rumoured change. It appears that unlimited backups for WhatsApp users may be ending soon, if a report by WABetaInfo is to be believed. While the new outline would give users more control over the size of backups, it has got more to do with Google.

WhatsApp, the instant messaging network, will soon allow users to choose what data is backed up to Google. For Android users, current solutions offer backups of WhatsApp to Google Drive. According to a report from WABetaInfo, limitless backups for WhatsApp users may be coming to an end shortly. While the new plan would provide customers more discretion over backup capacity, it has more to do with Google. As part of Google’s planned restricted plan, it looks that WhatsApp users will only be able to backup 2,000 megabytes per user.


  • According to the report, a new feature called “manage backup size” will allow users to decide which content from their smartphones they want to backup. Users will be shown the optimum storage size required to backup the selected files. Users will have a series of options while managing their backup size on WhatsApp, Android including photos, videos, audio files, documents, and other media. User settings and chat databases, though, will be backed up automatically and users will not have the option to turn this off. WhatsApp Will Soon Let You Hide Your Profile Picture With Custom Privacy

  • Earlier this year, Google ended unlimited backups for its Google Photos feature which was highly revered by users. After six years of offering free storage for backups, Google suddenly decided it was time to stop. The same fate is about to befall WhatsApp, with a limit for backups set to be announced soon. Listen up, WhatsApp users on Android. It appears that WhatsApp users will be allowed to backup only 2,000 megabytes per user as part of Google’s upcoming limited plan. Google will also reportedly offer additional storage options to users… but these will be chargeable. In essence, Google is ending free backups for WhatsApp on Google Drive.

Be wary, though! There is still no official word from Facebook-owned WhatsApp or Google about these rumoured changes in how backups are stored on Android phones. Even then, one thing seems to be clear. Google doesn’t want to offer free storage to its users anymore, regardless of the content being hosted on its own applications like Google Photos or competition apps like WhatsApp. What do you think about this soon-to-end WhatsApp backup feature on Google Drive? Let us know in the comments below, and for the latest in the world of technology and science, keep reading