The first of three new maps for Rainbow Six Siege has been released

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Emerald Plains is now available in ranked, unranked, quick match, team deathmatch, newcomer, and Lone Wolf PVE playlists. It’s set in a lovely Irish country club, and features a combo of close quarters indoor fighting locations and outdoor areas with room for gunfights at greater range.

Rainbow Six Siege is getting three new maps for Year 7, the first of which is Emerald Plains, after years without a truly new setting in the game. Y7S1.2 is now available on all platforms, with a number of bug fixes and operator balance adjustments. In addition, Tachanka is no longer able to kill invulnerable hostages. Isn’t he a little less lordly now?


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  • The Year 7 roadmap includes two more new maps, due to launch in Season 2 and Season 3, respectively. Prior to this year, the developers had been focused heavily on reworks to existing maps. Back in Year 5, (now former) game director Leroy Athanassoff told us that new maps would start coming to Siege again “when we reach a point when all the maps have been reworked, and they’re interesting, and satisfying. You can see the full patch notes for Y7S1.2 on the official site, as well as the blueprints for Emerald Plains.


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