The first beta version of Android 12L for large screen devices was released by Google

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For example, your quick settings and notifications can be displayed side by side. Google is also improving multitasking, allowing you to drag an app into split-screen mode from the taskbar (which you can also use to switch between apps quickly). Also Read – PUBG New State Under Maintenance Today: How To Update The Game. As with the developer preview, Google says you should be able to run the beta on an actual big screen device if you have a Lenovo Tab P12 Pro, although it says the beta will not be available until “a later date.

Google has announced that the first beta version of its Android 12L upgrade, which is aimed to improve the operating system’s performance on tablets and large folding phones, will be released today. While Beta 1 appears to be primarily for developers, it may be a chance to see what Google is working on in a (slightly) more polished form than the developer preview. Google is introducing a two-column style for devices with larger screens in Android 12L, allowing you to get more information at once.


  • “If you don’t have one of those lying around or don’t feel like waiting, you can also run the 12L beta on an emulator to get an idea of ​​what it will look like when it becomes more available. Also Read – December 7 – Top Seven Updates in Tech News Today ADVERTISEMENT Google also says it will be able to install 12L on its “compatible Pixel device,” a list that currently includes the Pixel 3A through the Pixel 5A, though it won’t be able to test the large-screen user interface. However, if you want to stay ahead of the game or are testing applications that make use of the new 12L APIs, you can register your Pixel here. The first beta version will probably be a bit rough around the edges. Email ArticlePrint Article 📣 The Hans India is now on Telegram. Click here to join our channel (@thehansindia) and stay updated with the latest headlines.


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