The Fantasy RPG is now available on Android and iOS around the world

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Richard, the princess who holds the fate of an entire country; Shakespeare, the quiet girl who wishes to become the world’s first sword hero; Zhen Ji, the lady favored by all; and Robin Hood, the seductive and righteous blonde thief As team leaders, players must understand and cultivate fantasy girls before embarking on a stunning fantasy adventure with them. Get a jumpstart with the server launch rewards in Destiny Girl. Destiny Girl brings with it amazing bonuses that will give the players a quick start. Here are some of the server launch rewards:

Destiny Girl is a fantasy adventure Gacha RPG about beautiful huntresses who are fighting a monster dragon. The bright Live2d characters in the game, which were formally released earlier this year, are stunning, and there are over 100 of them. Destiny Girl is now ready to download worldwide, with fantastic server launch incentives for users.


  • Many free gacha rewards will be delivered from the official presenter Mook Pichana and the invited users during the pre-registration period. So far, players can easily earn 70 free pulls using gift codes that have been released! Many in-game tournaments also offer free pulls as a prize. As a result, if players sign up for the game for the first time, they will receive at least 100 free pulls in total. SSR drops at such a high rate that every player can experience happiness and luck from in-game gacha.

  • Destiny Girl had over 500,000 pre-registrations on the platform as of April 18. Players can now download SSR – Tamamo-no-Mae, a rare beauty, to gain rich milestone rewards and the rare beauty SSR – Tamamo-no-Mae. She is a wise-type huntress in the game, capable of casting magic spells and damning adversaries with massive amounts of delayed harm. As a high-output mage, she is ideal for beginning players.

There are over 100 girls huntresses who could meet the game player’s fantasy. Players interested in Destiny Girl can now download the game from Google Play and the App Store with the game being globally available. Additional information can be found on the official social handles of Destiny Girl. Check our complete list of upcoming mobile games here. For more Mobile Gaming news and updates, join our WhatsApp group, Telegram Group, or Discord server. Also, follow us on Google News, Instagram, and Twitter for quick updates.

Bonus 3 – Mook Takes You on A Fantasy Adventure
Destiny Girl has announced that beautiful Thai actress Mook Pichana will be the game’s host, and has published a full marketing video. From a first-person perspective, the promo depicts Mook as a character who traveled from another planet to the actual world and occasionally entered into the protagonist’s life. The most memorable scene in the video is Mook’s final appearance in a bridal gown, which will surely move the hearts of many players.

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