The famous Bismarck patisserie is a real family business

The famous Bismarck patisserie is a real family business

All three of Jon Lee’s kids have now spent time working for their dad at his downtown Bismarck bakery, Bread Poets.

But for one Bismarck family, days off from school mean there’s more time to work at the family business.


  • “I do the dishes and I work the cash register,” Jamison explained.

  • Jamison Lee is learning the family business. The 13-year-old is the final member of the Lee family to clock in for a shift at Bread Poets.

“Just hanging out with my sister,” he said.

His favorite part of the job: the people he works with.

His sister, Jessa, has been working here for three years.

“He loves being here just as much as I do,” said 17-year-old Jessa.

Working at Bread Poets is sort of a rite of passage for the Lee kids. “It’s in our blood,” laughed Jessa.

“This was my first job,” added her older brother, Jayce. Twenty-one-year-old Jayce worked at the bakery from 8th grade through his freshman year of college.

“I loved it,” Jayce said. “I grew up watching Bread Poets get built around what my dad wanted it to be.” His dad, Jon, opened Bread Poets 23 years ago, before he was married and before he was a dad.

“It has kind of come full circle,” said Jon. For Jon, Bread Poets has been a dream come true. Working with his family by his side is an added bonus.

Now, Jayce lives in that apartment. “My girlfriend came and helped me open the store. Then she did join the bakery after we were married for a short while, ” recalled Jon. “And then we had Jayce and we were living above the bakery for a couple of years.”