The eyesore on Omaha’s busy street hits the neighboring businessman, the homeowner

The eyesore on Omaha's busy street hits the neighboring businessman, the homeowner

“It’s an eyesore to the street to the city to the neighbors to everything. Even to our business,” said Owner Gatfan Alsalami.

Despite a hard-earned reputation, the owner of Motions Auto says it’s harder to grow business when the property right next door is terribly overgrown.


  • “It almost looks like it might be attached to our property, you can’t even see the house back there. So, it looks like we don’t take care of our property too because nobody can see this fence line,” said Manager Shyla Martinez.

  • Gatfan has spent money cutting the neighbor’s limbs that hang over his car lot.

“Nothing you can do about it because I’m not going to jump behind the fence and find the dead animal,” said Gatfan.

A fence that doesn’t hold back the trespassing branches and the smell of decay.

But in front of busy 42nd Street, the eyesore stands out and the city has taken notice. Since the letter sent in June, the city has posted the property.

This is not the first violation notice the homeowner has received. She’s been sent 13 in the last eight years.

The single property owner says living on social security she can only afford about $300 to pay for yard cleanup. “I want them to come and mow that’s fine. Please city, come because they got the tractors and everything,” said the homeowner.

The invasive trees are a more difficult expensive problem and business neighbor Gatfan is willing to help. Though the public sidewalk resembles a jungle trail, a pathway to neighborly communication is finally opening up. “See what the city can do and what we can do and what all the neighbors can do and we can take it from there,” said Gatfan.

Omaha’s chief field inspector says weed and litter crews are short-staffed and the storm cleanup this summer has put them behind schedule. But after the call from 6 News, this eyesore will move up the priority list. A city cleanup crew should be dispatched as soon as next week. The homeowner will be billed or a lien slapped on the property.

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