The equivalent of 168 finger prick tests each day is available with the MySugarWatch Needle-Free Continuous Glucose Monitor for Type 2 Diabetes starting at £ 48 (US $ 58) per month

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The MySugarWatch needle-free continuous glucose monitor (CGM) for type 2 diabetes is now available as part of three different monthly packages, with the cheapest option starting at £48 (~US$58) a month. The MySugarWatch is a non-invasive glucose monitor that can deliver blood glucose readings every five minutes – the equivalent of 168 fingerpricks over a 14-hour period.

The equivalent of 168 fingerprick tests each day are available with the needle-free MySugarWatch continuous glucose monitor for type 2 diabetes starting at £48 (US$58) per month. The MySugarWatch continuous glucose monitor is available as a transmitter and sensor device that is simple to use. (Edited version of image from MySugarWatch) The MySugarWatch continuous glucose monitor is available as a transmitter and sensor device that is simple to use. (Edited version of image from MySugarWatch).


  • There are some interesting claims made on the official MySugarWatch site that will certainly appeal to those wondering how to manage their type 2 diabetes. For instance, as mentioned above, with the ability to transmit glucose level measurements to a connected smartphone via the MSW app, users can receive the equivalent information of 168 potentially painful fingerpricks over a period of 14 hours. A conventional glucose meter, test strips, and lancets are provided in the monthly packages, as some calibration is still required. But after that, MySugarWatch users can apparently expect 500-600 blood glucose measurements with three continuous days of wear, thanks to the presence of the licensed sugarBEAT CGM.

  • MySugarWatch, which is a UK licensee of Nemaura Medical, has been promoting its non-invasive continuous glucose monitor in the Daily Mail, a British newspaper that has an average circulation figure that frequently hovers around the one-million mark. The needle-free MySugarWatch device, which is only for people with type 2 diabetes, does away with the need for a skin-piercing lancet by utilizing a transmitter and a sensor. The CGM is simply attached to the upper arm and a “non-perceptible electric current” is then responsible for attracting glucose molecules from the interstitial fluid as part of the measuring process.

Lastly, there is the MySugarWatch Platinum package that costs £98 a month (almost US$118; £1,176 (US$1,415) a year). For this money, the subscriber gets 10 sensors a month and some face-to-face consultation time each month for the first three months of the subscription. There are some other perks too for Platinum members that can be browsed through via the sign-up page. It’s somewhat early days for the MySugarWatch company, which is based in Jersey, although there are a couple of video testimonials promoted on the site with users singing the praises of the needle-free glucose monitor. Availability is currently for users in the UK, although Nemaura has made an application for sugarBEAT’s premarket approval with the FDA in the US.

Unsurprisingly, the MySugarWatch is not exactly cheap, and it comes as part of a monthly subscription package that lasts for 12 months (although there is a generous 14-day cooling off period). For £48 a month (roughly US$58; £576 (US$693) a year) people with type 2 diabetes can apply for the “Discovery” package that contains all the components required for non-invasive glucose monitoring. A “Gold” membership for £78 a month (about US$94; £936 (US$1,126) a year) includes five disposable MSW skin patch sensors as opposed to the three you get with the cheaper package, and it features the delivery of an HbA1c home test kit every six months to check overall progress.

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