“The Entropy Center” is a first person puzzle game that reminds me a lot of “Portal”

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The game is currently available on wishlist on Steam, with its description reading: “Think in reverse. Outsmart the impossible. A mind-bending first-person adventure where you solve ingenious and complex puzzles by rewinding objects through time.” The Entropy Centre comes from developer Stubby Games and is the studio’s debut title. Publisher Playstack is also behind the game, most recently known for 2021’s Soulslike title Mortal Shell.

A first-person puzzle shooter in the vein of Portal. During the GamesRadar Future Games Show live webcast, the Entropy Centre was unveiled. ‘Cuphead – The Delicio us Last Course’ preview: a delectable expansion for a broader audience. While players won’t be able to think with portals, they will be able to control things and time using an energy beam pistol as they travel through the game’s internal space-station landscapes. There appears to be some destructible things in the game. It doesn’t appear to include classic first-person shooting action, however there may be some hostile adversaries to contend with, similar to Portal.


  • The Entropy Centre is set for release on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC later this year. At the time of publication there is no word of a Switch version. In other news, the upcoming psychological horror game Luto has received a new in-game trailer and is slated for release on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC later this year.

  • Mortal Shell received a fair three out of five-star review from NME, which reads; “Once Mortal Shell gets into its stride, its dynamic combat and unfussy upgrade systems start to shine. But lack of variety and reluctance to depart from the Dark Souls formula ensure that it never truly inspires.” Last month, a fan “demake” project of Portal that runs on Nintendo 64 hardware was released online, although according to its creator James Lambert there’s still work left to be done on it.


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