The Dutchess County mwho accused WWE of pedophilicommits suicide

A former WWE Ring Boy committed suicide after years of claiming the wrestling organization was complicit in child abuse.

According to Wrestling Edge, Thomas Cole of Fishkill he took his own life on February 12. The 50-year-old man found himself in the spotlight in the early 1990s after making child abuse allegations against WWE.

Cole was a ring boy in 1985, when Vince McMahon’s wrestling empire was still called WWF. Documents uncovered by Ringside News in 2019 show a story of sexual abuse allegations made against the WWF. Then, at just 13, Cole was taken on tour with WWF as a “ring boy”. The stance is similar to that of a batboy in baseball. Cole’s job was to serve as a glorified “gofer”, assisting employees on the road. That’s where he claimed the abuse started.

Cole said another employee would regularly film him with a video camera “stroking the boy’s feet and masturbating.” Cole says he was harassed by “several WWF employees” during his time as a ring boy, but was afraid to talk.

He said he was grabbed in the genitals numerous times by another senior WWF official, but never said anything because he was scared. Cole …

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