The Dragon Ball FighterZ balance update has been confirmed, with the Android 21 Lab Coat mentioning it specifically

The Dragon Ball FighterZ balance update has been confirmed, with the Android 21 Lab Coat mentioning it specifically

The last fighter to join Dragon Ball FighterZ has been such a problem that many top competitors have been calling for her to be banned from major events. Needless to say, many were feeling as though the game was in a really bad place thanks to Lab Coat Android 21’s inclusion. It might seem like a meme at first glance, but the top 8 at events are currently being dominated by Lab Coat Android 21 players. As such, she’s being included in virtually every team at tournaments. One of the big issues regarding this character is her ability to effectively “nerf” the opponent’s damage by 21% by using one of her supers. As an added benefit, this even increases Lab Coat Android 21’s damage by 21%.

Unsurprisingly, Bandai Namco specifically stated that the balance update is for a version of the game that includes Lab Coat Android 21, the most recent addition to Dragon Ball FighterZ’s roster. Based on the general consensus about the character, we’re more likely to see nerfs than buffs for Lab Coat Android 21. When Lab Coat Android 21 was released in late February 2022, no changes were made to the rest of the roster’s balance. SS4 Gogeta was thought to be a major problem at the time, but it now appears that Lab Coat Android 21 is an even stronger character overall.


  • It’s also possible that nerfs could happen for other characters that are overcentralized at tournaments like SS4 Gogeta. Of course, buffs for the low tiers would also be welcomed by the community. Bandai Namco has also stated that the release time of this upcoming balance patch will be announced at a later date. We’ll likely receive patch notes shortly before the patch is slated to go live. We’ll be sure to keep everyone up to date on information regarding this future patch.

  • The big problem with this command grab super is that its effects are permanent. Even if the opponent switched out, their characters would remain worse for the remainder of the match. As of right now, it’s currently not known what changes are planned for Dragon Ball FighterZ, but the patch is likely a direct result of all the feedback players have been giving regarding Lab Coat Android 21. Nerfs for her are looking extremely likely.