The Doro 8100 phone is a “new” “old” phone

The Doro 8100 phone is a

The TeamViewer Quick support service, which is pre-installed, allows a relative to take control of the device with permission from the user so they can adjust settings, update the phone and download apps via their own iOS or Android smartphone or PC. “At Doro, we’ve seen first-hand how senior demands have changed over the last two years, with older users becoming more confident with technology and increasingly favouring modern, intuitive, yet easy-to-use devices,” said Peter Marsden, Doro’s managing director for the UK and Ireland.

The device has a user-friendly interface that allows users to easily navigate the phone, as well as access to apps and the ability to alert pre-selected loved ones by pressing an emergency button. Doro has introduced a new device for senior citizens. The Doro 8100 has an HD display, improved sound, hearing-aid compatibility, and a triple-lens camera.


  • The Doro 8100 will be available from May 4 in the Doro store on Amazon UK priced at £179.99, as well as from major networks and additional retailers.

  • “Despite this, we know that senior users often require a level of accessibility which is all too often forgotten by phone manufactures. “The next-generation device provides our users with access to apps and features available on the latest smartphones, with valuable functions that help to mitigate any small challenges that may come with age – from a slight loss of hearing or dexterity through to vision impairments.”