The Deston Map for PUBG Battlegrounds is now available on PC, along with new updates

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Deston is set in a city that was flooded by a massive hurricane, giving it a mix of rich vegetation in some areas, and massive cities in others. Among the urban centers of the map is Ripton, a downtown area that presents one of the game’s largest sprawls, while also being partially submerged in water. The city also includes the tallest skyscraper in PUBG history.

Here is Deston, the newest map for PUBG Battlegrounds. Since the game’s early this year transition to free-to-play, the most recent battleground is the first to be made available. A new trailer for the new map was also released on Wednesday by PUBG Studios. Console users won’t be able to play Deston until July 21; PC players can play it right away.


  • Deston will be a completely free update that goes along with the game’s latest patch. There’s also a new Survivor Pass players can buy, allowing them to unlock new cosmetic items. PUBG Studios details further changes from the update in the game’s latest patch notes.

  • To help players deal with the new heights of the map, PUBG Studios has also introduced new devices called Ascenders — essentially vertical, mechanized ziplines that can automatically take players to the top or bottom of buildings and skyscrapers. They’re basically elevators, except without any walls, ceiling, or floor. The map also features new vehicles, like the Pillar Car, and new weapons, like the MP9 SMG and the 012 shotgun.

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