The cost of this Microsoft Surface laptop just dropped to $ 550 at Best Buy

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Microsoft Surface laptop deals often feature the Microsoft Surface Laptop Go for good reason — it’s a really attractive laptop in terms of looks and features. The Microsoft Surface Laptop Go is generally considered to be a sensible compromise for someone that wants classiness without spending a fortune. A quick glance at the Microsoft Surface Laptop Go will show off how good it looks but it’s things like its 12.4-inch Pixelsense touchscreen that ensure you love it. With a great aspect ratio of 3:2, you can see plenty of what you’re doing with the screen quality pretty great.

Deals on laptops can seem daunting, but we are convinced that many customers will choose this Microsoft Surface laptop offer without hesitation. A Microsoft Surface Laptop Go is currently available from Best Buy for $550, saving you $150 off the regular price of $700. This is the offer for you if you’re eager to work on your commute or you want to appear to be the most fashionable student in your class. It’s already a fantastic value option for anyone searching for a mid-range laptop.


  • Well suited for creating documents and general productivity tasks, the Microsoft Surface Laptop Go oozes the kind of class you would expect from one of the best laptop brands around. If you’re keen to enjoy a better-looking laptop than average without spending a fortune, you’ll love it. Normally priced at $700, it’s down to $550 at Best Buy for a limited time only.

  • With a sizeable screen, the Microsoft Surface Laptop Go still manages to be lightweight, too, weighing just 2.45 pounds and proving ideal if you don’t like having to carry around a lot of equipment. It still packs in a full-sized keyboard along with a battery life of up to 13 hours that is sure to rival many of the best laptops. Hardware-wise, it’s pretty speedy thanks to a 10th-generation Intel Core i5 processor and 8GB of memory. While the processor may not be the newest one out there anymore, it’s more than capable of handling Windows 10 in S Mode which is what comes as standard with the Microsoft Surface Laptop Go. If you’re typing up documents or creating presentations, you won’t have an issue here with 128GB of SSD storage ensuring you have plenty of room for your files.


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