The complaint alleges that the mayor of the city of Spa, elected one month late, filed the financial statement of the campaign – The Daily Gazette

The complaint alleges that the mayor of the city of Spa, elected one month late, filed the financial statement of the campaign - The Daily Gazette

Kim, a Democrat who is set to be sworn in as mayor on Saturday, did not return a message Wednesday seeking a response.

The complaint was made by attorneys Michael Brandi of Saratoga Springs and Courtney Haskins of Glens Falls, who were described as “concerned citizens.”


  • Obstarcyzk has previously questioned the financial acumen of Kim.

  • Chris Obstarcyzk, chair of the city Republican Committee, said in a statement Wednesday: “We were made aware that a complaint had been filed against Ron Kim and trust that the Board of Elections will conduct a thorough investigation into Mr. Kim’s campaign finance.”

Reached by phone, Tuz said: “I think it’s all aboveboard, and he will do it [file a campaign finance disclosure]. I stand by his integrity and following the rules, and he will do what needs to be done. There are no problems with that. I don’t know the reason why he hasn’t filed, but he’ll tell you.”

Pat Tuz, chairwoman of the Saratoga Springs Democratic Committee, said she felt the scrutiny was Republicans “picking at straws.”

Kim held off Heidi Owen West on the Republican line in a three-way mayor race on Nov. 2. Outgoing Public Safety Commissioner Robin Dalton, an independent candidate, finished a distant third.

State law dictates that candidates were to file campaign-finance records 27 days after the election, which was Nov. 29.

The Committee to Elect Ron Kim’s previous campaign-finance reporting, on Oct. 22, indicates he loaned tens of thousands of dollars to his campaign while it went into debt. As of Oct. 22, the committee’s ending balance was at a $543 deficit, while it had accrued $25,724 in expenses.

During the campaign, The Daily Gazette reported on some financial problems in Kim’s history.  In a September news story, the Gazette reported Kim had an unpaid $7,000 penalty for not carrying workers’ compensation insurance in 2016 and had also accumulated at least three penalties in the past decade for late taxes, according to state officials and court records.

Kim, a lawyer, faced a $7,000 court judgment dated Oct. 10, 2019, but he was carrying the proper insurance for his law practice at the time of the news report. Kim, who served as Saratoga public safety commissioner from 2006 to 2010, had said that he did not have any employees during that period of time and did not need to carry the insurance. He was fighting the penalty. 

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Kim said he has since satisfied the tax penalties and argued that the presence of the late tax payments did not reflect poorly on his potential management as mayor.  Kim explained the late payments as stemming from a period of time of unexpected financial strain after a fuel tank spilled in his basement, forcing him and his family to relocate as they absorbed the cost of cleanup while litigating for years who was responsible for the spill.