The commercial license of the Montgomery apartment complex has been restored

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District 6 Councilmen Oronde Mitchell worked with the owners and property mangers for months to help beef up security. He encouraged the complex to implement a 30-day action plan, which included, but was not limited to, a certified security company coming in, the installation of surveillance cameras, better lighting and a curfew.

The council unanimously voted to revoke Ravenwood’s business license in January following multiple complaints from tenants regarding safety and security.


  • Philip Balderston, founder and CEO of Odin Properties, came before the council Tuesday to explain why updates to boost security were delayed.

  • A show cause hearing was held in early January in which the managers of the complex were asked to come before the council and describe to them what kind of security enhancements had been made during the 30 days. Despite the efforts to defend their business to the council, Mitchell said the changes weren’t being made fast enough.

He said COVID-19 delayed the installment of the camera system until recently, although it was ordered and paid for over five months ago.

Balderston said immediately after they purchased the property they applied for a business license and installed a “comprehensive camera system to blanket the site and improve security.”

Balderston ensured the council that gates are soon to be installed and that more work is being done to make the property as safe as possible.

“We pay our real estate taxes on time, and treat our residents with respect. Ravenwood is no exception,” Balderston said.

“I walked the entire site earlier today and I can confidently say that we’ve taken the necessary steps to ensure our residents are safe, the apartments are all in good working order, and we have no unresolved resident issues that I’m aware of,” he said. Mitchell said Balderston had been cooperative in his requests to make changes to the apartment complex.

“Keep up the good work and good luck with your business,” Councilmen Cornelius “CC” Calhoun said after the vote. Odin Properties owns and manages over 10,000 apartments in 15 different states.

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