The Clevo laptop with the flagship Arc Alchemist A770M GPU was discovered

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Clevo’s X270(opens in new tab) is a 17.3-inch gaming notebook powered by Intel’s 12th Gen Core ‘Alder Lake-H’ processor and the company’s flagship Arc Alchemist(opens in new tab) A770M mobile GPU that is cooled down using a dual-fan cooling system featuring seven heat pipes and liquid metal. In addition, the machine comes with a premium Mini LED display panel from AU Optronics(opens in new tab) and has all the I/O ports that one comes to expect from a gaming PC (Ethernet, two TB4 ports, mDP, HDMI, USB 3.2 Gen 2, 3.5-mm audio, etc.).

According to @9550pro, Clevo has begun advertising their Clevo X270 notebook with Intel’s top-of-the-line Arc Alchemist A770M graphics processor (opens in new tab). The computer is dubbed “the first Intel CPU + GPU gaming laptop” by the business, and its setup suggests it is aimed at demanding gamers, which might indicate the graphics processor’s competitive capability.


  • We do not know which of these gaming PC brands will use the Clevo X270 design with Intel’s Alder Lake-H and Arc Alchemist A770M discrete mobile GPU, but the chances are that at least some of Clevo’s over 35 clients will use this configuration are pretty high.

  • Clevo did not publish performance numbers for the machine. Still, it would be illogical for the company to equip a gaming laptop with mediocre performance with a rather expensive monitor, so we can make some guesses about what to expect from Clevo’s X270. Perhaps, the most important thing about the gaming notebook is that it comes from Clevo. Clevo may not be a household name, but this manufacturer produces barebones laptops for well-known brands like Alienware, Eurocom, Gigabyte, Maingear, MSI, Sager, Schenker, XMG, and Xotic PC, to name a few.

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Another thing that remains to be seen is how much Clevo’s X270 and products on its base will cost. AUO’s 17.3-inch panel is certainly not cheap, so we are talking about a premium product here. Still, since Intel is interested in capturing discrete GPU market share, it may offer its top-of-the-range Arc Alchemist A770M at a very competitive price.


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