The casing: Appleè M2 MacBook and news on wearables

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Oh sure, you can use this week, the last remaining few days of the Australian 2021 to 2022 financial year to scour for tech deals if you must. But this week, we’ve been hearing less about your wallet and more your hands, because hands and wrists are part of the week’s big news. Withings has a hand in that, excuse the pun, using the week to announce a new variation of its ScanWatch, which a couple of years ago was Australia’s first smartwatch to be approved with an ECG, and electrocardiograph, able to give you a little look at what your heart is doing.

The Wrap has a tonne of wearable news from Withings, Fitbit, and Huawei available this week. In addition, in the next five minutes, we’ll discuss updates to PlayStation and examine Apple’s M2 MacBook Pro. You’re listening to The Wrap, Australia’s quickest technology roundup, for the final week of June this year. With the end of the financial year rapidly approaching, you might be shocked to hear that very little of what’s occurring around the world actually has anything to do with it.


  • Fitbit this week is also adding to the wearable news, launching some new sleep tracking for many of its wearables, with a month long sleep tracking profiler. Owners of a selection of Fitbit wearables who also happen to be subscribing to the Fitbit Premium service will see tracking of how long it takes before you fall asleep, how long you sleep, the variations, and a bunch of other factors, all to get a gauge on how you sleep, and hopefully to offer improvements.

  • Two years is a long time in the world of wearables, and while Apple and Samsung both offer the technology in their devices locally, Withings is upgrading things again. The changes in underlying tech of the new ScanWatch Horizon aren’t huge, with the look more the focus of this model. Rather than offer a simple watch style with an elegant design, the ScanWatch Horizon is stainless steel with a nautical focus, made to be more of a chunker than the minimalist focus from before. It’s still the same tech, with the ECG, heart rate tracking, and focus on sleep, plus with a small screen, but it just looks more like a metal watch you might see your dad or grandad rocking.

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They probably don’t have a section for parents dealing with babies, so we’re kind of hoping for a bit of a bonus section noting that fact, but if you are having trouble sleeping and you don’t have a bub in your life, it could just provide that little bit extra info to help. And Huawei has a few gadgets in this area, as well, as the once heavy hitter in smartphones offers some tech for your wrists, as well. You don’t see a whole heap from Huawei lately, thanks in part to the whole trade issues with the US government. With no ability to run the Google Play Store, Huawei’s phones are very niche locally. Still usable, but only barely.


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