The best Xbox Series X TVs

The best Xbox Series X TVs

What’s the best TV for the Xbox Series X?
There’s no one best TV to use the Xbox Series X with. However, most of the latest flagship models are equipped with HDMI 2.1 and 120Hz refresh rates, which is all users need to access the cool new features that come with the latest generation of consoles.

Finding the best TV for the Xbox Series X isn’t an easy task. Despite HDMI 2.1 capable consoles and graphics cards being on the market, many TVs aren’t equipped to use the newest standard. An Xbox Series X will work with any HDMI-equipped television, but its full feature-set is only available on certain models.


  • Since there’s no one-size-fits-all TV, we’ve gathered a few here under different categories:

  • However, those with an HDMI 2.0 TV they’re happy with can still play the Xbox Series X. They’ll just have to do without things like Automatic Low-Latency Mode, 4K @ 120Hz, and a few other perks.

LG is the king of OLED, and this year’s LG C1 gives users the best picture for their buck. Fortunately, OLED technology has matured, and burn-in is much less of an issue than it was in LG’s older models. Several of us game regularly on LG OLEDs at GR and haven’t had an issue with them yet.

LG C1: Overall Best TV for Xbox Series X

With an OLED, the deep, true blacks make games pop, unlike any other display. Additionally, the LG C1 has features like Game Optimizer that make it that much easier to get to the settings that matter. These TVs are a real beauty, and their biggest con is that it’s impossible to go back to a regular LED-backlit display after experiencing the amazing picture quality here.

Sony A90J BRAVIA XR: Runner-up Best TV for Xbox Series X

The Sony A90J is an excellent TV with an OLED display that gives an excellent picture that gamers will love. Unfortunately, although it uses an LG OLED panel, it falls short of the LG C1 in a few ways. Its features are more film/TV oriented, and Sony won’t enable variable Refresh Rate until an update that is scheduled to come later in 2021. That means the Xbox Series X’s prominent features won’t be available for those who buy the TV now. While the A90J is a great TV, its more expensive than the LG C1, and lacking in features. Furthermore, only the HDMI 3 and 4 ports are HDMI 2.1 capable, which will be annoying. However, the excellent screen does make up for its shortcomings and makes it a TV set to consider if the LG models are out of stock.

Samsung Neo QLED 8K QN900A Series: Best future-proof TV for Xbox Series X The next big step up in resolution will be 8K, and even if there’s no content available yet, there are TVs that can output that resolution. Those that want a TV that’ll still feel new five years from now should take a look at the Samsung Neo QN900A. While it has a host of features, including HDMI 2.1 compatibility, its biggest feature is that it has an 8K screen. Unfortunately, the Xbox Series X doesn’t currently have any 8K games, but it’s technically 8K-capable so it may in the future.

Samsung’s Neo QLED comes a lot closer to OLED blacks than most LED-backlit screens. It uses an array of Mini LEDs (not to be confused with Micro LEDs) that provide 1.5x more lighting zones than previous screens in the QLED line, which helps prevent banding as well. However, this TV is very expensive, and those who are looking for a display specifically for their Xbox Series X won’t currently find a use for the increased resolution to justify the price.