The best offers Vodafone Galaxy S22

The best offers Vodafone Galaxy S22

Even when there are no deals currently live, Vodafone plans have two permanent perks, which are attached to the service, Battery Refresh: if your Galaxy needs a battery replacement within three years from when you first bought it, Vodafone will cover that. It’s handled through a Battery Refresh tool within the My Vodafone app. Total Care Warranty: a two-year warranty, which covers for any manufacturing defects and repairs. Vodafone Galaxy S22 Ultra deals

The Galaxy S22 phones from Samsung are easily the most sought-after Android flagships on the market. However, their premium status comes at a premium cost. Fortunately, many retailers and carriers frequently run deals and offers, and Vodafone UK phone deals are a common occurrence. Sometimes you get a straight discount, and other times you get a few bonus items in a bundle that raises the overall value of the offer. All of that being said, let’s see what offers Vodafone UK has for the Galaxy S22 series! When purchasing a Galaxy S22, Vodafone benefits.


  • Galaxy S22 save £96 on service plan, 6 months of Disney+. Samsung’s most accessible Galaxy S22 gets a price slash of you get it on a Phone Plan from Vodafone. That is in the form of monthly bill discounts — if you sign on for a 24-month Airtime plan with 25 GB of data, you get it for a special monthly fee of £17. That’s £4 less than its usual price of £21, so you save a total of £96 over the course of your two-year contract.

  • Galaxy S22 Ultra with 6 months of Disney+. While no direct discount for the Galaxy S22 Ultra is available right now, you do get 6 months of Disney+ with your purchase. That’s £48 in savings over the next 6 months, which admittedly isn’t amazing, but it’s a welcome bonus if you are already on Disney+. Galaxy S22+ with 6 months of Disney+. Same as the Ultra variant, the Galaxy S22 Plus doesn’t currently have a running deal, but comes with the half-year Disney+ for free. That’s a £48 value that you can put towards a different streaming service during that period, see which one you would like to stay on.