The best monitors for Xbox Series X

The best monitors for Xbox Series X

The only drawback is that, while 4K gaming panels have been available for some time, they aren’t exactly cheap. Budget and mid-range 4K displays must make compromises, while fully equipped models can set you back an arm and a leg. So, before you commit, be aware that the cost of admission will not be cheap. If you do have the funds, though, the ultimate monitor for your Xbox Series X will be well worth the investment.

Only the greatest Xbox Series X displays can really do the next-generation console justice. Trust us when we say that a great 4K monitor with HDMI 2.1 ports, 120Hz refresh rate, and HDR capabilities is the perfect complement for your Xbox gaming experience. After all, the Xbox Series X has enough processing power to perform even 8K gaming (according to Microsoft), so anything less than 4K/60fps gaming may be a letdown.


  • Also our top pick as the best monitor for PS5, the Acer Nitro XV282K’s appeal to console gamers is undeniable. It has all the makings of an excellent Xbox Series X and PS5 display without the incredibly steep price. Don’t get us wrong; it’s still plenty expensive, but less so than other options out there. As long as you’re okay with a smaller 28-inch screen and only DisplayHDR 400. Neither are deal-breakers anyway, especially since you’re getting that impeccable ultra HD resolution and up to 120Hz refresh rate thanks to its two HDMI 2.1 ports. Plus, that size is just perfect for desk gaming.

  • To help you narrow down your options and make it easier to choose, we gathered the best monitors for Xbox Series X below. For good measure, we’ve even included our price comparison tool – so that you might save a few bucks if a monitor deal is available.

The Acer Predator CG7 might burn a 43-inch monitor-sized hole in your bank account, but there’s no denying this is the ultimate monitor for console gaming. Its massive size isn’t the only thing that will put you smack in the middle of the action; its 4K resolution and proper DisplayHDR 1000 will as well. Being a sort of TV replacement, there’s also a whole lot of ports here, so if you also want to use it to connect your PS5, gaming PC, and laptop – not to mention, your slew of peripherals – have at it. We’re also fond of its RGB lighting in the back so be sure to turn that on. We only wish it also supported Dolby Vision, especially considering its price.