The best low cost mobile Phone Offers for May 2022

The best low cost mobile Phone Offers for May 2022

Get the iPhone 13 with a huge 100GB of mobile data for £39 a month. If you want Apple’s latest flagship iPhone, and you need a whole lot of mobile data, along with unlimited minutes and texts, this offer is definitely worth your consideration. Buy the iPhone 12 with 160GB of mobile data for less. Currently Affordable Mobiles is offering Apple’s last-gen iPhone 12 with a data plan at a discounted price – you get 160GB of data as opposed to 60GB for £35 a month. Get the iPhone 11 with unlimited mobile data, minutes and texts. If you don’t care for the latest iPhone, or simply don’t like its flat-edge design, then this offer is for you. You can save some money and get the iPhone 11 instead, and for just £27 a month you’ll also have unlimited data, texts and minutes.

Affordable Mobiles is one of the top mobile resellers in the UK, so if you’re in the country and looking for some good smartphone deals, it’s definitely worth a look. We’ve compiled a list of the best Affordable Mobiles deals on phones available right now, and we’ll keep this list updated as new offers become available! Right now, you can find low-cost mobile phone deals. Affordable Mobiles has the best iPhone deals.


  • Buy the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE for just £23 a month and get 20GB of data. If you don’t mind getting a last-gen Galaxy S21 FE, you can save a few pounds and go with this offer instead of the previous one. You’ll also be getting unlimited text and minutes with your “Fan Edition” Android phone. If you’re based in the UK and are looking for a good price on a smartphone, along with really solid mobile data plans, then indeed – those Affordable Mobiles deals we have here are definitely worth your consideration.

  • Buy the Samsung Galaxy A53 5G for just £23 a month, get 30GB of data, unlimited texts. If you’re team Samsung and are looking to get something easier on the pocket than a flagship, the A53 covers all the basics. You can have it for £23 a month, and it comes with 30GB of data, plus unlimited texts and calls. Get the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE with 60GB of data for the price of less. Right now you can have the “Fan Edition” Samsung Galaxy S21, the 128GB model, for just £28 a month. It comes with 60GB of data for the price of 50GB too.