The best games based on PS4 loot

The best games based on PS4 loot

Of course, most of the loot we find is rubbish. Stuff we begrudgingly pick up just to sell or break down for materials. Sometimes though, the RNG Gods give us their blessing and bestow upon us items that make us squee with happiness. We like it when that happens.

If a game has got loot we’re instantly drawn to it. We just love killing enemies, opening chests and completing challenges if we think we might be rewarded for it. We’re not ashamed to admit it. And there are loads of great loot-based games on PS4.


  • A third-person action role-playing game, Godfall allows players to unlock a range of Valorplates that not only change their character’s appearance, but also their class. Characters can be customised further, of course, thanks to Augments that can be used to tweak each Valorplate to their user’s needs, and a range of weapons that determine their move set. Like most loot-based games, Godfall isn’t something you have to play alone, either; you can team up with others online, making the tense combat more chaotic.

  • If you’re like us and can’t resist the call of loot, check out the following games that all throw goodies at you like there’s no tomorrow. Being the best loot-based games on PS4, get absorbed in any of these and you can say goodbye to your life for a while. We’re sorry.

Godfall isn’t perfect by any means, but we feel it’s been overlooked by many. There’s plenty here to enjoy, so if you’re after the best loot-based games on PS4 and like third-person games with melee-based combat, be sure to give it a go. You might be surprised.