The best approach to open Calendar from At a glance on Android 12L

The best approach to open Calendar from At a glance on Android 12L

Your first instinct might be to press the truncated day with your left thumb, but that increases the likelihood of accidentally opening Google Weather. The better strategy is tapping the digit or just to the right of it. This is because the touch area for Calendar’s shortcut is basically a row (the green box in the below graphic) across the entire screen. Everything outside that thin line (black box), including just above it, opens weather.

With the Pixel 6 and Android 12, Google updated At a Glance to be left-aligned and to default to the Weather app. With Android 12L, tapping the top line of At a Glance reopens Google Calendar. Update 3/26: Now that Android 12L has been sent out to all supported Pixel (3a to 6 Pro) phones, you can activate the Google Calendar app by tapping At a Glance again. When there should be none, this regained capability has a surprising amount of nuance.


  • Android 12L Beta 2 makes it so that tapping the first day/date line of At a Glance opens the Calendar app like before, while the second line opens Google Weather. Admittedly, the touch targets are very small, which is likely why Google removed the feature in the first place. Meanwhile, the growing height of screens in recent years does make the shortcut less accessible than ever. Nevertheless, the hidden ability is a great one to have. If you’re having a tough time launching Google Calendar, tap (the numbers) as far right as possible.

  • Comment: Why Google won’t let you remove At a Glance, the Pixel’s future assistant Original 1/12: When the day/date and weather were side-by-side in Android 11 (or the Google app widget), tapping the left-hand side would open Google Calendar and the right Weather. With the Android 12 redesign, you could only launch the weather experience (unless there’s an upcoming event).