The Asian themed card fighter of martial arts from NetEase Games is now available on Android

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The emperor killed anyone who showed resistance. The Emperor’s master was assigned to finish the book but he presented an incomplete book, in the end, to save the citizens of the empire from total destruction. In the end, he tried to assassinate the evil Emperor but failed. The all-powerful book that can rule the world also disappeared.

NetEase Games Global published Lost Blade, a card battler game created by NetEase Games. The game features fantasy cards and a unique martial art-themed gameplay. For players to enjoy, the game has a broad cast of characters. NetEase Games is branching out into new terrain by incorporating distinctive 2D animation into its games. In some areas, Lost Blade is now accessible for Android. The universe of Lost Blade is based in a mediaeval fantasy setting. Emperor Jing’s empire, where martial law has been imposed. As a result, the empire’s subjects lobbied for martial arts training. A few years later, the Emperor issued a royal edict directing that he be given a secret Kung Fu script in order to compose a holy book.


  • The game features choice-based gameplay so it is up to the player to carve their own destiny and achieve a good or evil ending in the game. Minimum system requirements for the game are 4 GB RAM and above and OS: Android 8.0 and above. Players from the selected countries can start their journey in Lost Blade on Android. Interested users can check additional details on the official website here. Check out our complete list of upcoming mobile games here. Are you excited as Lost Blade is now available on Android? Let us know in the comment section below! For more Mobile Gaming news and updates, join our WhatsApp group, Telegram Group, or Discord server. Also, follow us on Google News, Instagram, and Twitter for quick updates.

  • It can be said with certainty that Lost Blade is set in a fantasy world where players will get to choose from a variety of characters like butchers, generals, wanderers, and werewolves. The story allows players to trigger new events which will help them to meet other characters in the game. The game allows players to form their battle formation and build strategies by using up to six characters. The game’s visuals look like a live-action comic book with its unique dark ink painting style. Choose from a wide range of game modes to play from. Lost Blade also has a variety of game modes other than the main story mode. The various other game modes are Elemental Tower, Arena, Wraith Labyrinth, Tea House, etc. where players can battle with others, bet on wine, and roll dice.


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