The appearance of the Apple Watch Series 8 might look very similar

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The tipster also revealed some details about the cases and colorways of the wearables. They believe that the base Apple Watch Series 8 models will not get the titanium case now and will only be available in aluminum and stainless steel casings. The aluminum models of the watch would come in Midnight, Silver, Starlight, and (PRODUCT)RED colors, whereas the stainless steel models will get Graphite and Silver color options. Also, there are no noticeable new sensors included in the watch, as per @ShrimpApplePro’s source. Interestingly, an earlier report claimed that Apple would include a temperature sensor with the Watch Series 8, but that might be exclusive to the more expensive models.

At the iPhone 14 announcement in September of this year, Apple is anticipated to introduce the Apple Watch Series 8. A new leak concerning the Apple Watch Series 8 has surfaced, giving some details about the company’s next wearables as the event is now only about a month away. It’s interesting how it goes against certain earlier claims made about the watch’s design. The Apple Watch Series 8’s base versions, according to Twitter user @ShrimpApplePro, would have the same Series 7-like look, dispelling earlier reports regarding the likelihood of a new flat-edged screen.


  • Besides, the leaker added that the boxes of the Apple Watch Series 8 will have stronger sealant glue. This will likely be done to prevent sellers from repacking the box once opened. Lastly, they said that the Series 8 would enter mass production later this month, and there won’t be any delay with its launch. If this turns out to be true and the Apple Watch Series 8 does retain the Series 7’s design, it’ll be different from what some Apple leakers have suggested. Leading up to the Series 7’s announcement, multiple reports claimed it would introduce an all-new design with flat edges. That, of course, didn’t happen. Folks had since been saying that the Series 8 would introduce the flat design, but if this new rumor is true, that won’t happen either. It’s impossible to say for certain what we can expect, but whatever happens, it sure will be interesting.


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