The 5 best Android apps for security software

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Norton Mobile Security If you are worried about data leakage, then this app is the best tool to keep this situation under control. Previously, this app offered a free version. But now, the app offers different plans. As for the functionality, it is the undisputed leader in malware detection. The app will check all software and applications on your smartphone for data leaks and unusual behavior.

Do you want your online security to be better maintained? There are numerous apps available for Android users that help encrypt their smartphone and reduce danger. The top 5 apps for data leak protection and cybersecurity are listed after that. Top 5 Android Apps for Security Software Looking for a fantastic security solution? Click for information from Howly specialists and then move on to the list of the top applications to safeguard your data if you want to learn more about cyber security and what you can do about it.


  • Google Play Protect The minimalistic design and lack of advertising are what will delight users from the first minutes of interaction with this solution. Usually, this tool is built-in for the latest Android models. However, this app is not a one-stop cybersecurity solution due to the weak anti-malware function. But, it offers good features in case your gadget is stolen and for safe web surfing. It allows you to remotely control apps and block dangerous ones for your smartphone. Verdict: The app should not be ignored as it offers good options for web surfing and also in case of device theft. In tandem with a protection app from this list, the tool will work great. McAfee Mobile Security If you are looking for a free but effective security solution for your smartphone, then this is a good option. Malware protection is really excellent.

  • Verdict: This is the undoubted leader for those who want to get the maximum protection for their smartphone. Bitdefender Mobile Security This app is another well-known market leader in security apps. The tool offers almost flawless protection for your gadget. In addition to the standard anti-malware function, there is a VPN function as well as protection for safe web browsing. The only drawback of the tool is the high cost of unlimited VPN and the lack of a free version. However, there is a free 14-day period to try out the app. Verdict: Start with the free version of the app to see the functionality and efficiency of the app.

Pay attention to the paid versions of the tool. It has a wider range of features as well as the absence of ads. Plus, you can choose such a tariff plan to protect your mobile device and PC. Verdict: The app is worth both attention and money. You will not need to look for additional tools. Wrapping Up Choose the right app and stay better protected from security risks. Despite there is no 100% security guarantee solution to date, any of the apps we have shortly reviewed in this article improve the chances of keeping your data safe. 46 SHARES Share Tweet 0 comment 0 MIC JOHNSON Michael is a security enthusiast who has been in the pen testing space for over a decade. In his spare time he likes to stay abreast of new happenings in this ever-changing industry through reading and writing cyber security related articles.

Also, the application offers many additional features, including a Wi-Fi security scanner, anti-theft, memory booster, and storage cleaner. The only drawback of the tool is the huge amount of annoying ads. Verdict: If you’re looking for a free security solution and may turn a blind eye to the ads, this is a great option. Avast If you are looking for a comprehensive solution in the context of the security of your gadget, then Avast has long established itself with such characteristics. There is everything from privacy issues to the possibility of creating a blacklist. It is worth noting that the protection against malware is above average.


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