The 4K and 240Hz models of Corsair’s Xeneon gaming monitors are now available

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The Corsair Xeneon 32QHD240 retains much of its precursor’s makeup, such as its 32-inch form factor, fast IPS panel, 1ms response time, and 1440p resolution. However, it boasts a much faster refresh rate of 240Hz and a higher Vesa DisplayHDR 600 certification, which will both contribute greatly in making your favourite games look and feel great. Meanwhile, the Corsair 32UHD144 should be as equally capable in displaying HDR content, but at a much sharper 4K resolution, albeit at 144Hz. This model is greatly suited for both your gaming PC and games console as both monitors also now feature HDMI 2.1 ports too.

With the introduction of the 32QHD240 and 32UHD144, Corsair is introducing two new displays to its Xeneon gaming monitor range, offering 1440p 240Hz and 4K 144Hz options. A gaming desk with Corsair and Elgato accessories surrounds the new Corsair Xeneon gaming monitor. With the Xeneon 32QHD165, Corsair entered the competition for the finest gaming monitor last year. This year, the company is adding two more monitors to the mix. In comparison to its predecessor, these new models boast some significant advancements in resolution, refresh rate, and HDR capability.


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