That future is possible Apple The watches will have a camera

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Other methods include a detachable camera that fits to the rear panel, while another shows an expanding strap that features an attachment for a camera module. While a camera fitted to a smart watch does sound convenient, the new technology is not without security risks. Due to the hidden nature of a smartwatch, it would not be hard for someone to hide that they were recording you. Devices with built in cameras, such as Ray-Ban Stories smart glasses from Facebook, have also faced backlash for the same reason.

A camera might be built into the upcoming Apple Watch. Apple has submitted a patent application titled “Watch with a camera” that describes a few approaches the firm is considering for attaching a camera sensor on its smart watch. Apple appears to be leaning toward the notion of a detachable camera module in the application, which was filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). While they display one concept with a camera built into the crown of the body, which makes sense for people who want to point and shoot, integrating a camera into an already small watch body is a bit of a problem.


  • Despite the patent, Meta are already at looking at making their own camera fitted Facebook Smart Watch, a leaked render of which shows the camera fitted in a notch on the display.

  • That being said, even a low pixel camera could prove to be incredibly convenient as more and more people adopt smartwatches. The feature would not only make photo taking easy, but would also bolster the abilities of other programs such as Apple’s fall detection. An implemented camera could make the fall detection feature more accurate.


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