Telegram is developing a premium version for iPhone which will include exclusive stickers and other features

Telegram is developing a premium version for iPhone which will include exclusive stickers and other features

The plan gives users access to exclusive stickers and message reactions, which won’t be available to those using the free Telegram version. However, as per the findings, the free users will see a box which tells them to buy the premium plan to unlock these stickers. Telegram’s New Update Adds Payments 2.0, Scheduled Voice Chats, New Web Versions and More Telegram Voice Chats Getting Clubhouse-Like Features; Now Add Title, Record Live Audio and More But it is unlikely that Telegram is going to charge just for these features, and we are not sure if people would pay just for these two. So, it is possible Telegram has more tools lined up for the premium plan which could be shared in the near future.

Telegram is the most recent platform to consider offering a premium version to users. According to a new report, it has begun testing the model for iOS beta users, implying that the service will be available in the coming months. Most of these messaging apps rely on various revenue sources, and since Telegram has mostly avoided ads, it could use the premium model to properly monetise its platform. Telegram Premium has been discovered in the most recent Telegram iOS beta version 8.7.2. The government has issued a new security warning to Google Chrome users: update now!


  • It also supports over 200 people over a single call. Considering all these, it goes without saying that Telegram might have more in store, which we are yet to understand about its premium plan. Elon Musk Buys Twitter: Here Are 4 Big Changes You Can Expect But given a choice, would you really pay for Telegram just for some stickers and reactions? Read all the Latest News , Breaking News and IPL 2022 Live Updates here. There is no point buying an inverter if you don’t fit it with the right battery size. After all, the power supply comes through the battery, which then delivers the voltage through the inverter to different appliances. Now you have different ways of calculating the right battery size for your size, but the general and the safest way to consult an electrician, who has a good idea about your requirements. List down the appliances that you will run through the inverter, and they will suggest you the best possible option, based on your budget.

  • We are eager to see how Telegram prices its premium version, and whether it wants to offer the plan in different ranges for wider options to the user. And it is fair to say that once the iOS beta testing is done, Telegram will bring the premium model to Android as well. Also Read: Xiaomi Pad 5 Tablet First India Sale Today: Check Price, Offers And Specifications Telegram is feature-rich and caters to a host of options that even WhatsApp doesn’t offer. The messaging app offers encryption to some extent, and lets you share large-size files with users.