Tehachapi sees first success in new loyalty programme for small businesses

Tehachapi sees first success in the new loyalty program for small businesses

Business News: Tehachapi sees first success in new loyalty programme for small businesses.

Tehachapi says its new small business loyalty program, launched on March 1, is already a success.

In the first four days of the program, 31 local residents brought a total of $ 5,326.78 in shopping vouchers from small businesses, averaging $ 171.83 per purchase. Residents were awarded a total of 50 $ 20 gift cards.

Today, the city reported that four other residents have delivered vouchers and requested gift vouchers. In total, around 62% of the city’s original number of gift cards were distributed.

Any resident with $ 100 in eligible receipts can choose a $ 20 gift card from a local restaurant. Due to the initial success of the program, the city said it purchased an additional $ 1,000 in gift certificates from local businesses to distribute to eligible residents.

“We are all very happy with the answer from customers but they are not surprised because Tehachapi loves to take care of each other, ”said Corey Costelloe, economic development coordinator. “We are hearing wonderful stories from business owners have already talked about the positive impact return travel has had on their business and look forward to continuing this project if funding allows. “

To qualify for a gift card, you must submit receipts totaling $ 100 or more from small businesses within the city. Shopping from companies, large chains or grocery stores are not eligible.

Eligible purchases include retail purchases, food and beverages, personal services, and other goods and services. Ineligible purchases include alcohol, tobacco, fuel, and groceries.

Attendees are welcome to bring their receipts to Tehachapi City Hall, located at 115 S. Robinson Street, Monday to Thursday from 7:00 am to 5:30 pm to redeem receipts for a $ 20 gift card. All receipts will be stamped and returned to attendees.