Tech Companies are hiring DEI leaders. How cyou become one?

Over the past year, tech companies have felt increasing pressure from customers, employees and the general public to finally take diversity, fairness and inclusion in our industry seriously. One way organizations can deliver on these commitments is to hire leaders specifically charged with the DEI efforts. More and more organizations are hire DEI executives in the aftermath of last summer’s Black Lives Matter protests, and the field is becoming an increasingly viable career path in the tech industry.

In interviews with DEI leaders in three technology-driven organizations, we have learned that DEI leaders come from a variety of professional experiences. Virgin Orbit’s Monica Gangwar worked in the finance and healthcare industry before moving on to satellite launch service, but credits her volunteer background with leading her in her current field. Daphney Etienne, who manages the diversity and inclusion programs for the AI-powered marketing platform Persado, it worked in everything from business development for events and recruiting marketing. And Justin Reyes, who leads the DEI a Major League Baseball – an increasingly technology-driven organization – worked in business …

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