Tchia’s lag can be mitigated with the new seafaring gameplay

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The clip focuses on travelling across the open waters surrounding the archipelago in which the game takes place. You’ll be able to fully customise your boat, sail to your heart’s content, and then drop anchor and dive beneath the waves to discover hidden treasures. It just looks like a nice time, doesn’t it? Hopefully the game will be as good as it looks when it finally launches next year. Are you excited for Tchia? Take a vacation in the comments section below.

Here at Push Square Towers, we all enjoy Tchia’s appearance, so the news of the game’s postponement was disheartening. The game will now be released in early 2023, which means we’ll have to wait nearly another year for the colourful, sunny journey to arrive on PS5 and PS4. Meanwhile, Awaceb, the game’s creator, has just published a brief but delightful new gameplay video, and the game continues to look beautiful.


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