TC New Year’s Cherry T-Ball Drop Raising money for the food rescue program

TC New Year's Cherry T-Ball Drop Raising money for the food rescue program

“That is what we love to do at the festival foundation. We’re all about community with all the different events we do year round,” said Kat Paye, Executive Director of the Festival Foundation. “In 2019, we were able to raise over $10,000 for that organization, and we hope to do similar tonight.”

This year, the Cherry T-Ball Drop is helping raise money for Food Rescue, a program of Goodwill Northern Michigan.


  • The small donation of a suggested $3 for entry at the Cherry T-Ball Drop goes a long way for Food Rescue.

  • “We pick up excess soon to expire food from grocery stores, farms, food processors and we distribute that food to food pantries and meal sites in the five counties,” said Taylor Moore, Manager of Food Rescue.

And at the stroke of midnight, it means a new beginning.

“We don’t buy food because we pick up about 8,000 pounds of food per day,” says Moore. “That money goes towards making sure our trucks stay on the road, so then we can operate.”

Many people we spoke with say they are ready to take on their New Year’s resolutions.

“I am going to make sure I take care of myself better, and focus on better people in my life,” said Madi Salow, a Cherry T-Ball Drop attendee.

“Hopefully we will buy a new home this year,” said another Cherry T-Ball Drop attendee. “Serve better in my church, help more people, be kinder, be a better husband to my wife.” To learn more about Goodwill Northern Michigan’s Food Rescue program, click here.