T-Mobile has a new deal for new 5G home internet users that’s both sweet and simple

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This will go out to all postpaid customers looking to open a new line of 5G home internet service in exchange for a measly $50 a month with all fees included, as well as a complimentary 5G Wi-Fi Gateway device. Without having to jump through any hoops, meet all sorts of convoluted requirements, or ask a T-Mobile employee for a special discount code, you’ll be able to get a $50 virtual rebate card via email or SMS simply by submitting the “2021HINTP17” coupon on this promotions-dedicated webpage here.

With verizon suddenly going on the offensive, finally ramping up its high-speed 5G availability while also revamping and improving both its mobile and 5G Home plans to better compete against T-aggressively Mobile’s priced unlimited service options, now appears to be an ideal time for the “Un-carrier” to sweeten its deals even more. Magenta is reportedly gearing ready to launch an enticing Home Internet offer on January 6 as well, following up on a killer new cellular promotion aimed exclusively at existing consumers.


  • You can even combine the offer with “other currently available free line or service” promos (if you can find any), and no, in case you’re wondering, this is not a sign of a slower subscriber number progress than expected. If anything, T-Mobile’s 5G Home network is growing at a faster pace than many had originally anticipated, including the nation’s second-largest wireless service provider itself.

  • The deal doesn’t have an expiration date… yet, but you will need to file your claim for the aforementioned $50 discount within 30 days of activating your new HINT (Home Internet) line. There are pretty much no other conditions or exclusions to take into account, at least as far as we can tell after looking over the latest internal document leaked by the always resourceful and reliable folks at The T-Mo Report.


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