T-Mobile and Verizon have a shocking lack of customer support

T-Mobile and Verizon have a shocking lack of customer support

Gurman discovered that his rebate, which he did eventually receive, had been denied because the murky rules of the promotion, as understood by T-Mobile, required that a new line be created for the purchased Apple Watch. But even had Gurman purchased a new line for the timepiece, he would have had to keep his older line open for 90 more days which means that he would have had to keep a smartwatch line open with no watch attached to it for three months. Verizon and T-Mobile show startling lack of customer service – Verizon, T-Mobile show startling lack of customer service. Verizon and T-Mobile show startling lack of customer service.

Why do the major US carriers have a grudge against mobile tech journalists? Mark Gurman tweeted earlier this year that T-Mobile had refused him a $100 rebate after he took advantage of a deal that stated, “Apple sells an Apple Watch with GPS and Cellular. T-Mobile/Sprint will refund you $100.” T-Mobile management, no doubt, tried to save face as soon as they knew who Gurman was. Gurman stated that the matter has to be resolved at the corporate level. T-Mobile didn’t give Gurman the reimbursement he was due until they figured out who he was.


  • Verizon Pixel 6 Pro that the author was supposed to receive on December 28th has yet to arrive. This writer is also having issues with the purchase of a Google Pixel 6 Pro in Black with 512GB of storage. The phone was supposed to be delivered with free two-day shipping on December 28th. However, Verizon failed to include a “N” designation for north that yours truly put in the address when the phone was ordered. So the Pixel 6 Pro was sent to the wrong address. One helpful Verizon customer service agent worked out a plan so that I wouldn’t have to wait for the first phone to be returned to Verizon after three failed delivery attempts. The bottom line was that a second shipped Pixel 6 Pro (with the correct address) would be delivered on Thursday, December 29th at 10:30 am.

  • Of course, once T-Mobile discovered that its disgruntled customer was Mark Gurman from the stage, screen, and television (we’re just embellishing a little), it sent Mark the C-note it owed him. Two Verizon customers took to Twitter to complain about the same problem with Adam Nieto writing, “Was told if the Verizon app doesn’t ‘automatically’ offer the rebate to me after activating the watch then I’m not eligible even though I did exactly what Apple said.” Verizon customer Daniel Hipskind stated, “I am also having issues with Verizon’s (rebate deal). I had them say it doesn’t exist and only exists if you bring a Watch phone number to Verizon and not just an Apple Watch like it says.”

After 8pm I received a text from the helpful customer service agent who told me that the phone arrived at Fed Ex on Wednesday too late to be received today. If true, why was I fed all of those earlier times to expect the package throughout the day? And consider that my family have been Verizon customers for 20 years. While the carrier did promise to subtract $100 fro my bill (based on the taxes I paid for the first order that went to the wrong address), that order was the one that went to the wrong address which was totally Verizon’s fault. Yes, this is not a catastrophe of global proportions. So I end up having to wait a few extra days for my new phone. But it is a matter of customer service. While I have my fingers crossed that my new Pixel 6 Pro arrives tomorrow at 1 PM, those disturbing feelings are gnawing at my insides making me feel as though something is about to get screwed up again. We will update this on Friday to let you know what happens.

Did you ever get a bad feeling that something you ordered online wasn’t going to arrive on the date promised? I did, so at first I wasn’t terribly shocked when the delivery failed to surface at 10:30 am. The helpful Verizon rep then told me that it would come at 1 pm-which it didn’t. By the afternoon I called Verizon and was told that the phone now would arrive at the end of the day. But when 8 pm came and went without the package at my doorstep, I knew that the phone I was supposed to receive on December 28th (and which would have arrived that day but for the carrier’s own screw up) wasn’t coming on December 30th as promised.

I’m a customer of T-Mobile just about 5 years. During this time I had to contact their customer service number of times: changing plans, phones buying and/or exchanging, buying and canceling optional plans, rebates… And sometimes I had to call the second, and once even the third, time the issue to be resolved to my satisfaction. And there was a case when I reached a corporate level. The last time, less than a month ago, I opened a new line. They had a promotion to give me a phone with substantial discount but I refused. In 3 days I changed my mind and asked for that phone. And they gave me that phone retroactively even so they would be correct to refuse doing that. I’m not Bloomberg’s writer, I’m not anyone’s writer, I’m not a writer at all. Sorry, but I don’t believe Mark Gurman’s story: that they fixed the issue just because of his stance in media.