Surprise launch of the Renaissance remake of ActRaiser

Surprise launch of the Renaissance remake of ActRaiser

Introducing ActRaiser Renaissance, a fully updated and expanded version of the original Super Nintendo game from Sonic Powered and Square Enix. ActRaiser Renaissance fully updates the original game’s visuals with a hand-drawn style. There’s also entirely new content, including an entirely new realm to explore, build upon, and battle through. ActRaiser’s original composer and industry legend, Yuzo Koshiro, is also back and has not only re-arranged the full soundtrack but has also added 15 new music tracks.

Thursday’s Nintendo Direct was full of big reveals and announcements, including new looks at Metroid Dread, Splatoon 3, and Bayonetta 3, as well as the reveal of Kirby and the Forgotten Land. One game announcement, in particular, stood out to retro gaming fans. The classic Super Nintendo game ActRaiser, developed by long-defunct studio Quintet, had a modernized remake and expansion announced. Further, the new ActRaiser was confirmed to be launching alongside the announcement.


  • ActRaiser holds a special place in many Super Nintendo players’ hearts. The game mixes 2D action-platformer gameplay with a completely unique city-building/god game experience that’s never been revisited in the years since — even by ActRaiser 2. Beyond this combination of gameplay elements, ActRaiser tells an epic story of a people living in dark times filled with monsters and terror. The player’s role isn’t just to destroy these threats and The Evil One behind them, but to help the people rebuild their homes and thrive.

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A variety of smaller changes have also been made to ActRaiser Renaissance. Players can build new structures, add new types of homes, and use more powerful miracles to help with the inevitable monster sieges. Speaking of sieges, an all-new Settlement Siege real-time strategy/tower defense battle system has been added to ActRaiser Renaissance. There are also new 2D action-platformer stages, as well as a new boss to fight.

ActRaiser Renaissance allows fans of the original game to not only revisit that original game, updated with modernized visuals for current platforms, but to experience even more of it than previously available. The original ActRaiser featured just six different realms, each with its own unique challenges to overcome. ActRaiser Renaissance adds a seventh area named Alcaleone for players to adventure through. It’s what ActRaiser players in the early 90s always wanted — more of the game to play.

As mentioned, perhaps the most exciting news regarding ActRaiser Renaissance is that it’s available for fans to purchase now. The game retails for $29.99 and is available not just for the Nintendo Switch, but also for all other major gaming platforms. Who knows; maybe if ActRaiser Renaissance is successful, a proper sequel could be made.

ActRaiser Renaissance is out now on PC, PS4, Switch, Xbox One, and mobile devices.

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